Issue 12: The Device That’s On for Our Whole Life.

My guess is that you’re reading this on either: a laptop, a tablet, or a phone; I will refer to these as ‘your device’. This will be a simple clarity thinking exercise.

I want you to imagine your device as if you had just turned it on for the very first time. It is brand new, fresh out of the box. You begin to install all the apps you need one by one, and you start surfing on your browser to find different pieces of information. This is all a very pleasant experience as there is no lag, everything is working flawlessly, there are no storage problems, etc. All-in-all you’re completing exactly what you need to do at that moment. 

Enter the wrath. Imagine a few days have passed and you already have 50 applications downloaded on your device, all of which are open in the background since you haven’t bothered closing any of them. You have so many tabs open on your browser that they look like a dotted line, you can no longer even see what the tab is. If you were to count the number of tabs, it would be over 200. You’re also out of storage, so you have bought a brand new external hard-drive to manage this. Your days have developed into a process of you opening your device, clicking from app to app, opening a bunch of tabs, watching videos, playing games, messaging people, sharing things about your life, occasional reading, and finally watching some more videos. 

Now I would like to compare this scenario to your own mind. There are so many apps and tabs running in our minds that the poor thing is running on overdrive (i.e. running at top speed). How good does it feel when you close tabs on your device? How good does it feel when you don’t have storage problems? How good does it feel when you get stuff done on your device and feel accomplished? For me personally, it feels incredible. I think it is possible to look at our minds the same way we understand our devices. Why is it that when we do anything, our minds are thinking about 10/20/50 different things at the same time? How come we are draining our clarity of thinking and energy with all the stuff we think about?

Even as I write this I struggle with the exact thing I’m writing about. I believe the reason for this is because you don’t clear the tabs/apps on your device just once in your lifetime. It is something you do on a constant basis. You do it all the time. Every single day. Even more so than our devices, our minds are always on. So why not spend some time closing some tabs in our minds? And we can reopen them again when we return to the thought or activity. 

Extra: This is something that is definitely a long-term habit to develop for life. It has a compounding effect as the years go on. I’ve also released a YouTube video at 2 pm today on the same topic if you’re looking for a little bit more.

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