Bonus Website Issue 14.5: Greatest Social Experiment Ever Conducted.

As I was in the bathroom I wondered about what COVID-19 could bring about in terms of quantitative data. In a world dominated by data, what sort of discoveries could be made from everyone sitting at home? Charlie Munger himself said that in relation to the stock market no one has ever seen, heard, or experienced such markets before, therefore, anyone who say’s they know or can predict what will happen are most probably wrong. 

See, what made me think of this is that my family have been underperforming immensely when it comes to putting out the bins for collection. We have forgot to put it out about 50% of the time. The interesting thing is that, like I’m sure most of you have realised, the amount of waste in the house has decreased drastically. I wonder what sort of an impact this quarantine will have on all landfills around the world. 

This leads me to the next questions: How much less carbon is there in the air due to less cars on the road? How much of an impact has this had on public transport? How much more delivery drivers are in demand right now? How much have takeaways increased? How many individuals have started to cook more at home? Who has started to eat healthier and who has started to eat more junk? How much have outdoor activities increased? These are all questions that are of great interest to me since the quarantine. 

There are millions stuck in their homes. The most interesting data right now I think is being generated on our devices and internet consumption. I think if someone could give someone an overview of all their digital data, you would be able to understand what sort of an impact this quarantine has had on them. I wonder what the consumption levels are compared to what they were before we were all demanded to remain in our homes. It would be interesting to see the things that correlate with each other during these weird times. I’m going to do a second part on this I think as I may have some more to say. But in the meantime, have a think about all the things that could be tested right now due to this event that everyone is at home. I leave you with two questions: 

Have people been living a more sustainable or less sustainable life than they were before? 

If you were told you have to live like this forever, what would you do? 

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