Issue 9: My Disgusting Addiction.

Right, so it’s time to talk about my addiction. Now I didn’t think this blog would get this intimate this quick but I have to talk about it. Like that’s what you’re essentially here for isn’t it? To support me? 

So I have been aware of this addiction of mine for a long time now but I hide it from myself every chance I get. I whisper to myself, “Its okay Mykola, keep doing what you’re doing.” And during a printing spree (excessively printing stuff I want to read) this morning, I really noticed my problem. 

Okay so here it is: I have too many books which I haven’t completed. Just abandoned. Left for dead. Hoping to ‘one day’ return to them and continue reading, but that ‘one day’ just never seems to come. Like don’t get me wrong, these books are great and all, I do tend to speak highly of them and recommend them. But my junkie ass just can’t seem to stick with it. Always “more, more, new, new, blub, blub, blab”. What a beautiful sentence. All my reading to date really shines bright in the sentences I tend to conjure. Like this one for example: the Order of the Phoenix once again shat themselves and evaporated. Where does it come from? I don’t know to be honest. But we must venture on as my friend good friend Bilbo Dragons used to say. 

So you see whenever I stumble across a book I want to read, I tend to acquire it in some shape or form and then just attack it with all my might and curiosity. This leads to one of two outcomes: One being a severe blow but not necessarily a clean-cut, sort of just left bleeding a slow and painful death (30-80%). And the other case is a straight sever of the head, like blood shooting to the sky and all (100%). Note to self: I’ll need to stick in a disclaimer that this is somewhat graphic. See the problem is that the decapitations are usually unpredictable. As in I’d get a book without expecting too much and then just get blown away to the point of a mid-life crisis. The case always being: “how has this book not showed up in my life till now?” 

But in order to get those mid-life crises, I have to leave some fallen soldiers behind. Only today my eyes have been opened that little bit wider and I have noticed how I’ve left TOO MANY fallen soldiers behind, and at this stage, you could call it an odd sort of fetish. But I do have a philosophy I tend to stick by, this philosophy being: 

An Unfinished Book > An Unbegun Book

Of course, I believe that finishing books is important and that you don’t reap the full benefits of the book unless you finish it, but I guess I can’t have the best of both worlds. Unless I learn how to read faster I’ll remain a junkie forever. But I will make a conscious effort to finish books more from now on, today I emerge out of the chamber of unfinished books and begin my pilgrimage of finishing more books that I start. Now to finish with a lovely quote, since I know you all love them more that you love the sun:

“Do or do not, there is no try.” – My Main Man Yoda

Extra: Don’t forget to wish your mother a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’. I can’t believe I even have to remind you, like come on you, get a grip of yourself. 

Also for reference I did a count of all the books that I have unfinished and here is the breakdown (I didn’t count any less that 10% completed because that’s shameful:

  • 10-30% Completion: 22
  • 30-70% Completion: 8
  • 70-90% Completion: 3
  • I do complete books too, trust me.

Issue 2: Goodreads and Its Evil Contract

It’s me again, I want to talk about something I thought of in one of my lectures earlier today.

So the lecturer was talking about the principles of persuasion, by this lad called Robert Cialdini. And while she was talking about the principle of commitment and consistency, I started thinking about companies that ask you to make a commitment, as an effort for you to do something down the line that will help them. As the lecturer when on, I naturally zoned out and started thinking deeper about this. And then I bumped into one of my other wonders, as to why people don’t read that much anymore.

To continue, I combined my two wonders, of commitments and lack of reading books and arrived at Goodreads. I hope you know what it is, but if you don’t it’s a spot for you to find ratings and reviews on what you want to read. Think of imdb but for books. So the other day when I got tired of signing in with Facebook on Goodreads for the 150th time, I actually went and made an account. While doing this it asked me to set a reading challenge. “How many books do you want to read this year?” Knowing that I finish about 10% of the books I start reading, I skipped this goal-setting part. Imagine getting to December, and you still have 9/10 books left to read.

Anyways, I then remembered all the “I read 100 books in one week” videos on YouTube and wondered why there’s such a craze about reading loads of books recently. Even Goodreads has hopped on that bandwagon. Do people actually get motivated by that is my question? And as much as I want to say yes, I don’t think they do. You should become curious and enthusiastic about what you want to get out of the book, rather than simply getting your annual book number count up. To me, that’s just silly. It’s not a dick-measuring competition, so put it away. But anyways, instead of committing to a number of books, commit to curiosity. As the saying goes, “Curiosity made the cat read more than the cat who acted a book whore.”

Pick up a book you genuinely want to read and fire away. If you don’t want to read it, don’t force yourself to. Not wanting to read, and encountering difficulty reading are two different things. I personally enjoy a nice and difficult book once every so often, even if I read in sloth mode (i.e. slow as f***). Have a nice day!

Extra: Currently reading ‘The Time Machine’ by H.G.Wells. And new podcast out today at 5pm on ‘Monks in the Trunk’. Check it out it’s a good one – Part.2 of our Storytelling Series.