Issue 14: Small Ideas That Change How You Think.

The last few sunny days I’ve been spending a lot of time in the back garden. It has been a pleasure to be able to neglect college work in this manner, however, every time I saw a bee I couldn’t help but think – will that bee fly into my ear and penetrate my brain, hence, killing me? For all of those who know the Black Mirror episode (Wikepedia citation, because I can)I’m talking about, I can’t help but think of those human-killing-tech-bees every time I see a bee nowadays.

Why I mention this is because how can one Black Mirror episode which I watched about three years ago fundamentally alter my perception of bees? This is amazing? Not only do I have to worry about them stinging me, I also have to wonder if today is today the day I’m hunted by some bee-controller? I love bees don’t get me wrong, but the day some tech company starts ‘saving the world’ with tech-bees, is the day I fill my ears with cement. I’ll just learn sign language. 

Amazing how a small idea in a TV Show can change your mind about something. I wonder, what other small ideas have I seen or heard of that have altered my thoughts about certain things, situations, or outcomes? I find it hard to answer this right now, but I think being a bit more mindful of this might be useful. Is what I’m consuming changing my mind for the better or worse? 

I’m going to leave this unanswered question here for you, if you have any small ideas that came to your mind while reading this please let me know, and if you have no clue about the tech-bees I’m talking about, do yourself a favour and watch the Black Mirror episode called ‘Hated in the Nation’, you’ll be amazed that such things may exist in the future. #savethebees

Issue 7: Clueless Youth – Part One

Let me tell you a story. This is a story of a planet that exceeded in every possible way. The humans on this planet had extremely high technological advancement, little or no unemployment, low levels of poverty, no public war, markets were booming, and so many wealthy individuals living the life they always dreamed of living. They could buy what they wanted, they could travel where they wanted. They could pretty much do whatever they wanted, provided that these individuals had money and freedom. Space exploration was a development that only came about in the last decade, and as they raced among each other to start space exploration, their driving force was to find extraterrestrial life. So little did they know about what they were aiming for. So high were their hopes and so little their understanding of the world they were living in. It wasn’t too long before they realised that their real goal was not to find extraterrestial life, but rather a new home. 

As the 2030s rolled on and their planet continuing to slowly decay, they had understood that they needed to leave their planet behind in order to survive and prolong their lives. They realized that what they really needed was intergalactic transport that could transport hundreds of thousands at a time. It was reported that explorers had been successful in finding planets that were habitable, however, before they could do so they would need to make room on these alternative planets. It would be inhumane to only have a select handful of humans who could escape their dying world. The explorers had decided that in order to abide by the human law that ensures equality of opportunity they would need to do one of two things. This was to either, half the population of those living on their home planet, or to annihilate the new lifeforms they had encountered on the 3 alternative planets.

There was only one man who could make such a difficult decision. Everyone knew him by the name of ‘Double L’, and it is he who had proposed and enacted the law of equal opportunity. No one knew where it was that he lived or resided, no one knew what he looked like, no one had ever truthfully seen him before. All that was known about Double L was how to contact him. There was only one method to do this. This method was a website which had two boxes. One box was for the name of the sender which was to be confirmed by a fingerprint scan on any nearby device that had this technology, and the other box was for text. The text was accepted in any language. There were 7,000 different languages spoken on the human planet, however, the text could not exceed 1000 words. 

These letters were seldom responded to, as the volume of letters sent exceeded 10,000 an hour. Yet those who got responses were often given great advice and this often resulted in life-changing experiences. The responses received from Double L came in many shapes and forms, the most common was a text response, yet there were other gestures made from this mysterious man.

As the explorers began to write to Double L, they wondered for hours on end about how they should phrase the decision they had to make, and which one of their names should be attached to the text. What happened next made all these men laugh, little did they know that it would be this clueless young boy who would save the lives of their fellow humans. 

To be continued…