Issue 15: Seizing Opportunities.

So I haven’t been writing much recently, I’ve been appearing inactive, and haven’t been discussing my thoughts. And only today I have confirmed to myself what has been going on. 

With exams, last-minute deadlines, chores, exercise, and all other activities, I’ve been making excuses left-right-and-centre. I’ve been giving myself pretty good reasons not to do certain things and expertly justifying other things. This morning, I realised and finally accepted that I’m trying to do so many different things that I end up doing and achieving nothing significant with my days. The fleeting distractions that we can get caught up in seem like an interesting path until you realise that it’s a bit of a dead end for you and maybe the other thing that you wanted to do had a bit more sunshine on the path. 

To be frank, my dreams as of late have been really contradicting and overwhelming and I’ve noticed this in my sleeping positions too. I would dream something, then I would notice I’m dreaming, and turn over in bed leading to another dream, this would repeat itself on and on till I wake up restless. I don’t really know why I’m writing this here but sure why not? It kind of falls in line with what I’m trying to discuss here. You see, what I’ve noticed is that by procrastinating on some things we instantly free up our time to do something else; and this “something else” can either be something better or something worse. “Something better” could be classified as something closer to what you want to be doing with your life in that exact moment or something that leads you closer to whatever it is that you love to do. “Something worse” I would classify as the fleeting joys, the easy options, and things that steer us further away from our desires and passions.

It’s very easy to start something new compared to staying consistent on previously set tasks, goals, and desires. Don’t get me wrong no path is so linear that you always simply trundle onwards in a straight line, however, having ten different paths that lead in no general direction is what you need to watch out for, and this is what I’ve confirmed myself today. I can justify this situation I put myself in because I feel it has reassured me and brought me closer to the things that I actually want to do, and for this sole reason I believe getting thrown of the track is worth it. Like if you really want to do something, chances are you’re gonna do it, regardless of its highs and lows. The trick lies in the lies that you can tell yourself that “this IS what I want to do”, when really it isn’t at all. The only way you can understand whether or not you’re telling yourself that lie is to understand yourself better. And as I think I have mentioned in an issue before this discovery of self is a noble pursuit. 

Anyways that was my first rant back after a while of drifting. I do love a bit of drifting, but after a while I think it’s important to get back to shore and make sure you’re not stuck in the middle of a vast ocean with no sight of land. To finish off I leave you with your favourite thing, a quote from our homie Sun Tzu: 

“A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” 

Issue 10: Time to Think.

Already I like to think that all of you reading form up such an interesting pool of people. Everyone is so different in their own distinct ways, yet I’m sure some of you have common interests which may overlap. This may be in the form of common goals or even some similar fears. As I’m writing this there are 149 individuals already receiving these emails, and to each and every one of you, I would like to say thank you for joining this little group. 

I believe it’s hard to find other people in society with similar interests and beliefs. I think we are all put in the social circles we are in, and it is rare to find people who actively move towards a certain direction when it comes to socialising. It is rare that people cut off people they no longer feel comfortable hanging around with, with the hopes that they can surround themselves with people more like themselves. It is rare to find someone that says no, when they’re being peer pressured into saying yes. And I know this is an important topic to discuss because it’s difficult to talk about. For that reason, I want to share what I think with you. 

I’m writing this because there are people out there who are like you, and who would love to spend time with you doing and discussing stuff you like. You just need to have the courage to put yourself out there and let go of everything else momentarily. It’s common that backpackers who travel alone tend to find their best friends on the road. They tend to form bonds and relationships that would be almost impossible to replicate online or in small artificially created social circles. I’ve heard stories of companies that were started by two people who met while travelling, clicked like two peas in a pod, both being broke moved in together in some foreign country, and started working leveraging their distinct skillsets and experiences to create a truly unique company. 

The unpredictable bonds formed are unforgettable and tend to change people for the better, and it is for this reason that I urge you to seek them out in whatever way you can. Obviously now is not the best time to write about this particular topic as most nations are on lock-down, but I still believe that we can put ourselves in the mindset to be able to do this even while on lockdown. As counterintuitive as thinking about it and not doing it may seem, you need to muster up that courage somehow. For some of us this self-isolation may be the first time in our lives that we have an opportunity to slow down. We can pretend that we’re “working” from home (whether that’s college work or actual work) and think about our lives and who we are. I think it is an opportunity for us to momentarily hop off the bandwagon and understand who we are, who we’ve been surrounding ourselves with, and who we want to become. Start with this question; and if you can’t answer it yet that totally fine, just give it your best go:

Who am I?

Extra: If you have any friends or family member who may be into this stuff please feel free to forward it on and I’ve recently released my first YouTube video, here’s the link.