Issue 13: Stop Rating Things 7/10

I love making small changes that have a big impact. We are consuming so many things every single day that it would be emotionally and mentally frustrating to keep track of every single thing. Recently my personal digital consumption has been much healthier and consisted of a lot less junk. What is junk consumption? That’s something I’ll write another piece on, since it’s a big topic (i.e. I’m too lazy to write about it right now); briefly it is stuff that you know you shouldn’t be consuming but consume anyways because you like it. A physical – not digital – example would be those pastries and cookies you eat that your mama bakes for you, you know it’s not the healthiest choice, but you can’t say no to your mama’s baking. 

Keeping Track

So my digital junk consumption has gone down, why? Because I’ve been keeping track of the articles I read, the videos/movies I watch, the music I listen to, and the websites I click into; some of which can be found here. And what I’ve been doing is rating some of these, but, and there’s always a BUT, I haven’t been using the number 7 on the scale. 7/10 is the default rating we give to things that we enjoyed, but that we also know was below what we expected. Honestly, it’s the safest number you can give something and not upset anyone at the same time. 

6/10 or 8/10 Only

Take a minute and think of the last conversation you had, article/paragraph you read, video you watched, or anything you consumed and give it a rating out of 10 without using the number 7. As you’ll see there’s much less ambiguity. It’s either a “meh wouldn’t recommend to a friend” 6/10, or a “let’s do it again sometime” 8/10. Why I’m writing about this is because I’ve seen it work wonders since I’ve adopted it in my life. 


What this stands for is “but of course there are obvious exceptions”, coined by Scott Adams, so that he could write it at the end of the dodgy tweets he wanted to write that he knew would trigger others (remember this acronym, I’ll be using it a lot more). Why I write it here is because not everything needs to be labelled with a number. I repeat, not everything needs to be labelled with a number. This is for me more than anyone else as I can do this a bit too much. To conclude, why not give taking 7/10 out of your ratings a go? Also ask other people what they would rate something out of 10 without using 7, it’s great fun I must admit. 

Extra: I used subheadings for the first time in this issue in order to see if it would work or not, the only way I’ll find out is if some of you would be kind enough to let me know. You can do this by clicking this survey link, those that answer the surveys when I put them out help a bucketload, I give you a 10/10. 

Also for those who feel that this needed to be a little bit longer, so do I. However, I want to keep these sweet and short because I believe there a lot of things that could be a couple of hundred words or minutes shorter and convey the same message.

I also made a YOUTUBE VIDEO on this issue.